Litter 2 – Puppy 1

Dam 1 – Treasured Jewel Rutkevich
September 1, 2019

Eddard the Just

Sire: Maeve Mizuki
Dam: Pearl of Orient Rutkevich

The name Eddard first appeared in the book series Song of Ice and Fire novels, created by George R.R. Martin. Although it's derived from the root name "Edward", it has the same name meaning, which is a Wealthy Guardian.

To those who are GOT fanatic, you will see how that Eddard, although he has vast wealth being the Steward of the North as well as deep, rich family ties, he isn't swayed by earthly pleasures. He went down south with King Robert to aid him as the Hand of the King, leaving his family behind.

Is it right to leave his family? No. But he has a duty to uphold. In such era, King is the end-all-be-all law in the land, and therefore left him no choice but to do his duty.

However, when King Robert died and Eddard found out the Queen's secret, so many people have counseled him to be smart about it, and that is, not to mess with the Lannisters. But due to his "morally right and fair" character, he chose to do what is right and just in the end, even if it means beheading him as the punishment.

We have chosen this name for this pup with the hopes that it resembles its name character.


All puppies are given official names, however you can pick names for them once you own them. They have been vaccinated and dewormed prior to releasing. They come with health warranty and private pedigree certificates. Free delivery within Mindanao. Shipping should be shouldered by the buyers for Luzon, Visayas, and International.

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Price: Php 15,000
(Export: $550)
Gender: Male
DOB: March 15, 2022
Coat: Possible Fawn OR Rustic Clear Red
Release Date:
May 16, 2022 onwards

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This Puppy comes with:
  • Private pedigree certification
  • Microchip implanted
  • Customized Health Record Passport
  • At least 4x dewormed (Vet signed)
  • At least 2x Vaccined 5-in-1 (Vet signed)
  • Tail docked & Dewclawed
  • Ear cropped (free for International buyers only)

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