For the LOVE of Dobermans...

Preserving and Improving the lineage of Doberman Pinschers without discriminating
the beauty of mutation and genetic diversification.


LEXIE - Our Founding Female


Upon litter visiting at 4 weeks old, we chose the most active and outgoing personality puppy. Lexie came to us and jumped on our lap, as if telling us "pick me!" Since then, she became a part of our family. A spoiled and pampered dog, she traveled more than 20,000 kilometers all across the Philippines - from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao. She have been to Cebu, Dumaguete, Dipolog, Oroquieta, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Iloilo, Masbate, Bicol, Camiguin, Mindoro, Batangas, Alabang, Metro Manila, and all the islands and cities in-between.

Affiliation and Membership

Our Kennel and our Dobermann line has been DNA tested using these partners:

We are also registered and verified members of the following clubs, sites. and associations:

Puppies Now Available

Ahoy There!

Doberman Pinscher has fast become one of the more popular dog breeds in today's society. The old stereotype of this dog being vicious and ready to jump at a person's throat at a moment's notice is unwarranted. Though the dog can be big and strong, he has many characteristics that make him a great pet. They are also branded as the 5th smartest dog breed in the world. So if you want a loyal, loves to play, is there to protect you, and can be a great asset to your family, then Dobermans has it all.

With Great Dog comes a Great Responsibility

Let us warn you:
Dobermans are NOT for first-time dog owners or for those who are NOT strong-willed person.
They require time as well as your devotion because it is a breed that requires constant companionship and regular interaction with its owner. They are a dog breed that require daily exercise or strenuous, usually at least a minimum of one hour per day. They are also known for heart problems, thus without regular exercise, Doberman Pinschers may become easily ill.

What Sets Us Apart

Although registering for a kennel and raising your own line is a business, a trustworthy and ethical breeder should put the health, quality, lineage, and overall welfare of the dogs as PRIORITY.

Unfortunately, many breeders nowadays are Puppy Milling. They don't study and care if the DNA line has cross or if the gene pool is too close. They don't give their Dams a good place to stay and raise the puppies. They don't administer proper deworming and vaccinations in timely manner.

You see them selling between Php 8,000 to Php 16,000, vindicating the price since there is no PCCI papers. Sure, you save a few thousands, but when you took the puppy home they suddenly got sick and the breeder refuses to answer your questions.

Lives are lost because of these unethical breeders!
That's DEFINITELY NOT us. Our goal is to produce world-class and highly competitive dogs that can be used for protection, for show, and for companionship.

Both the Dam and Puppies are properly taken care off, house trained, and fed organically. The Mother has been DNA-tested by the best geneticists of Cornell University and we're the pioneering participant of Doberman Diversity Project (DDP) from Philippines.

Since we never compromise quality over quantity, our puppies do not come cheap. They were not born in a floor covered with newspapers (we don't want them to have hip dysplasia). Their vaccine shots and deworming are on-time and administered by a licensed Vet. They will grew up in an environment where socialization and human contact are very much part of their upbringing.

We invest our TIME and MONEY on our dogs and we GUARANTEE that you will truly get your money's worth.

Shipping Process

1. We deliver puppies for free within Mindanao area (safe cities only).
2. For Luzon and Visayas, contact us for shipping rates. (Optional: We offer less expensive cargo rates and personally deliver via airport/seaport meetups IF there are at least 3 buyers in the area/city).
3. For outside Philippines, please contact us how to arrange shipment process.